First-Step Advising on Curriculum and Course Registration


Dear Student,

Please do not respond to this email. Ms. Kathy Ice-Wedding or Dr. Jaromczyk
will contact you as needed after reviewing your submission. Otherwise, your
proposed class schedule and other issues will be discussed during your
in-person advising appointments. Please schedule your advising sessions: one for schedule
advising, one for faculty advising. In any future advising-related emails in
this advising cycle, please use the subject and include the content of this e-mail.

Read the instructions below, in particular Step 4.

Please make sure that all errors on your student dashboard in myUK are cleared
and all required surveys (Haven, CATS, etc.) are completed.

Computer Science Priority Registration Advising Process for the Fall 2017 Semester

The priority registration advising season starts on Thursday, March 2nd, and
will run until Friday, April 14. We will be offering two advising styles this
advising season:

Style 1: Individual advising
Style 2: Group advising

In individual advising, one student and the Academic Advisor (Ms Kathy
Ice-Wedding) will meet together at a scheduled time in my office for a
one-on-one advising appointment. In group advising, 10 students and Academic Advisor will meet
together at a scheduled time in one of the Marksbury conference rooms for

Individual advising is open to all students, but students who fall within one
of the categories below will need to schedule an individual advising
appointment with me:

1. Students who are currently on academic probation;
2. Students who received an academic alert letter from the College of Engineering at the beginning of this term;
3. Students who have not yet earned Engineering Standing in Computer Science;
4. Students who are enrolled in the Graduate School University Scholars Program.

Look forward to seeing each and every one of you soon.


Academic Advisor: Ms. Kathy Ice-Wedding
Office Number: 102B Davis Marksbury Building

The advising process for the Fall 2017 semester is a six step-process.
The steps, in order, are below. Your next step at this point is Step 4.

1. Review the Fall 2017 Schedule of Classes to learn what courses will be
offered in the Fall 2017 term. To find the Fall 2017 Schedule of Classes in myUK, log in to myUK and click on Degree Planning and Registration (myUKGPS) link. From there, select Course Catalog from the drop-down menu. Update your selected term to Fall Semester 2017, to get the Fall 2017 class schedule.

2. Review your UK transcript and run a degree audit in myUK through APEX (or myUKGPS if this is your first semester of enrollment at UK), to get an idea of what requirements you have completed and what requirements you have not yet completed.

3. Complete the First-Step Advising on Curriculum and Course Registration online form at least 24-hours before meeting with your Academic Advisor. You may find this form at:

4. Schedule TWO advising appointments: one with your Academic Advisor:
group OR individual (if you are in one of the categories that require an individual appointment); AND one with your assigned Faculty Advisor. You need to schedule both appointments through After you have logged in to the online appointment system, select the proper scheduling link, choose a day and then add your name to a time. Do not forget to make two separate appointments:
one with your assigned Academic Advisor and one with your assigned Faculty Advisor.

5. Meet with your assigned Academic Advisor during your scheduled advising appointment.

6. Meet with your assigned Faculty Advisor in a separate, scheduled appointment. Check with the Faculty Advisor for location of meeting.

A CS faculty member has been assigned to you based on the last digit of your SID. Refer to the chart below to locate your assigned Faculty Advisor. Some of
the digits have been assigned twice - choose one of the two Faculty Advisors
for faculty advising. (YY means that the faculty is not providing academic
advising this semester -- leave, sabbatical, or other assignments.)

Faculty -- Last_digit
0 Fei, Zongming
1 Cheng, Fuhua
2 Cui, Licong
2 Wasilkowski, Greg
3 Finkel, Raphael
4 Jacobs, Nathan
5 Liu, Jinze
5 Manivannan Dakshnamoorthy
6 Goldsmith, Judy
7 Zhang, Jun
8 Hayes, Jane
8 Seales, Brent
9 Yu, Tingting

DUS, Jaromczyk, Jerzy 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

YY Calvert, Ken
YY Griffioen, Jim
YY Joiner, Kevin W
YY Keen, Debby
YY Klapper, Andrew
YY Linton, Paul
YY Marek, Victor
YY Moore, Neil
YY Pike, Yi
YY Truszczynski, Mirek
YY Yang, Ruigang (2)

You need to meet with your Academic Advisor (for individual, or group advising, as appropriate) and your Faculty Advisor prior to the first day your priority registration window opens, so schedule your appointments accordingly. You can locate your registration window by logging in to myUK. Also, a document listing registration windows is attached. In particular, if you are Honors, ROTC, student athlete, or registered with the DRC, your window will open early, so you need to make your appointment as soon as possible.

While we are advising, we will not be able to take walk-ins. You MUST have an
advising appointment. Please keep your appointments. If you miss one of your appointments, you will have to make a new one.

You must follow the rules and meet with your assigned Academic Advisor and your
assigned Faculty Advisor to have your advising hold lifted -- there are no

Start making those appointments and tell your CS friends to do the same!


Please use your link blue information to log in.